dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Get Loki

Et voilà, après de longs mois de remise en forme et de corrections diverses, Duncan Blackthorne et la Venise des Glaces, la seconde aventure de Duncan Blackthorne, est enfin en ligne sur Atramenta ! Il n'y a pas encore de couverture comme pour Duncan Blackthorne et l'Ange écarlate mais cela devrait arriver bientôt. En attendant, je vous propose cette petite chanson inspirée du dernier tube de Daft Punk, qui vous donnera peut-être envie d'aller voir les aventures de Duncan ! Attention, il y a aussi un peu (beaucoup ?) de spoiler dedans...

Like the legend of the Venice
Some things ain't easy to reach
But when Hatan got a message
From the pole through the Elements

I said:

I need to fly
To the pole, no matter why
If blizzard shows up
I'll turn round but won't give up

I yelled "Hatan", it opened
Grell'eyy'ann showed me the stone
In which slept the Child of Dawn
I have to protect against Loki
I came straight back to Europe
Gave him a body that rocks
But I couldn't figure out
That we would be trapped by Loki
In Ragnarok we met Loki
Oglyn was abducted by Loki
I really had to get Loki
At least free Oglyn from Loki

The Popess holds a traitor
We had to change our shelter
Then we met the Thunder-Pilgrim
In five minutes I hated him

It could have gone bad
But Helga came around
She made me feel good
Even love the House of God

And the next night we made love
Thought it was under control
Didn't hear the bad guys come
And once again I met Loki
Oglyn was caught once again
I had to make Loki pay
I called for Helga and friends
And we went out to get Loki
We're up all night to get Loki (x4)

Loki went away
Shenesha showed the way
With Kyle and Nissi
Sure no one can stop me

In an abandoned buiding
Was set the final meeting
I was the first one moving
I was eager to get Loki
Kyle and Nissi in a trap
Set free by me in a knack
Woke Oglyn up from his nap
While I got out to get Loki
On a condor to get Loki
Against a geisha to get Loki
Maybe was too hard to get Loki
Next time we meet, I'll get Loki (x3)
In my next novel, I'll get Loki...